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The Gambia Maritime Administraion (GMA) was established by an act of Parliment in 2006, tasked with the resposibility to regulate , monitor and coordinate activities within the maritime industry in The Gambia.It seeks to ensure the Security and Safety of Life and Property at Sea including inland waterways, as well as the protection of the marine and atmospheric environment from ship source pollution. The Overarching objective of the Administration is to pursue ratification of the promulgated International Maritime Conventions by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and incorporate them into domestic legislation for effective implementation.

Specifically, the GMA is to undertake flag state survey of vessels, train, examine and certify Seafarers as well as secure and sustain their welfare, register ships, undetake port state control inspections, investigate maritime incidents/accidents, undetake maritime search and rescue activities; supervise shipbuilding, repairs and recycling activities, wreck removal, and ensure the security of ship and port facilties.


The Gambia Maritime Admininstration (GMA) was established by an Act of parliament 2006 and mandated to implement the the provisions of the Gambia Merchant Shipping, Marine Pollution Acts, 2013 and their subdiary Regulations to pursue the objectives listed above aforementioned.


GMA is committed to creating a safe and respectful working environment for all our employees.We ensure that all staff members observe and perform their functions with the highest standards of integrity in accordance with the Code of Conduct as enshrined in the GMA Service Rules and guided by the following corporate values:

  • Profeesionalism
  • Accesibility
  • Collaboration
  • Innovativeness
  • Integrity
  • Excellence


The Gambia Maritime Administration (GMA) is presided over by a Governing Board as Prescribed by the GMA Act, 2006 with the Board Chairperson as the head of the Board of Directors. Other Board members are representatives from: Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure (MOTWI), Ministry of Fisheries, Gambia Ports Authority, and Private Person representing the Private Stageholders.

The Board is responsible for securing the performance of the functions conferred on the Administration, and the sound and proper finance management of the Administration.


The GMA is headed by a Director General (DG) and is appointed by the President of The Gambia in accordance with with section 15 of the GMA Act 2006.

The Director General is generally responsible for the effient day to day administration of the Authority.To ensure effient operation of the Adminstration, the Director General is assisted by Deputy Director General and a management team composed of Heads of Departments and Units.


To be a vibrant Maritime Administration in the Sub-region and to contribute to Socio-economic Development of The Gambia, through ensuring Compliance with National and International Standards.


Our mission to promote and encourage competitive participation in our Maritime Industry while safe guarding the welfare of Seafarers, Maritime Safety, Security and Protection of the Marine Environment.


As a regulatory body, the Gambia Maritime Administration is mandated to perform a wide range of functions some of which include:

  • Ensure Safety of navigation
  • Fulfilling Flag State, Port State and Coastal State responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner, having regard to international maritime conventio ,instrument and codes.
  • Conducting Maritime Search and Rescue operations.
  • Regualting activities on the inland waterways including the safety of water transport
  • Overseeing training , recruitment and welfare of the Gambian Seafarers
  • Preventing ship and platform source pollution , protecting the marine and atmospheric environment and responding to marine environment incidents
  • Ratifying and implementing international Maritime Conventions
  • Ensuring an effient, cost effective and orderly provision of shipping services in line with government policies.
  • Advising the Government on maritime matters generally